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Our Statement of Purpose

We recognize that the Bible is the inerrant revelation of God to men and women seeking Him.

We see in the Bible a demonstration of God's chosen method of communication, with the Bible itself being an epic of redemption and a compendium of stories, organized with precision using dozens of storytelling forms.

We believe that, although new stories are not the inerrant word of God, the writing, producing and broadcasting of Holy Spirit inspired, professionally prepared stories is true kingdom work and vital to a media hungry public, filled with lost souls and disconnected Christians.
We believe that creative expression is intimately related to many gifts of the Spirit and that God is exalted when fresh and creative story are used to disciple believers and communicate the gospel.

As members of Reality Check, we believe that God has called us to this work.

We recognize that in contemporary society people normally experience stories through television, home theater, theater chains, novels, Internet multimedia, comic books, magazines, and live theatrical performance, including musicals, standup comedy, and plays.
We believe that God's work benefits from academic study, habitual prayer, continuous experimentation and ongoing use of skills acquired in the areas of Bible study, theology, philosophy, psychology, writing, directing, producing, performance, and technical arts.
Reality Check members write and produce live performances and mass media and empower other believers to do the same by preparing leaders in areas where we, by God's grace, have gained expertise.